YUKI NEMAKI was born in the days when snowboard exclusive wear had not existed yet. It was born in the hands of Canadian Kelly Ross in 1989, and the brand grew up in Japan, had penetrated to the world as well. A person who buys this wear made a long line-up at Omotesando in Harajuku in those days, it also became a social phenomenon, the existence became a legendary one imperceptibly. Early riders are such as Katsuro Taguchi of Green Closing who still active at the forefront and Kanako Nakamura who was a women's snowboard HP absolute champion. The 30th anniversary of debut the brand, carry out a revitalized with the hands who knows the good old time. But being as long as it is a gear, of course it does not remain "at that time". Reproduction at AFD ICEGEAR's domestic Japan factory that has developed numerous collaborations with the Harajuku back street brand. While leaving that bring back memories of the 1990's, the function is modern spec. Performance as a gear, made with the latest standard material. We elaborately sampled "the outerwear at the time" possession by the riders, completely new type of mold, simple silhouette, derived them in millimeters. It's far from being old-fashioned even wear it today, rather it reflects fresh design. This is the classic potential that decorated the era. Snowboarders who know the excited at that time should wake up with YUKI NEMAKI. Origin of the YUKI NEMAKI means "Clothes that can be relaxed in the field above the snow", You can feel the slow living as well. Not limited to snowboard specialty, instead of a jacket on the street, anorak suitable for bicycles and motorbikes, the role as a warm clothes for both ways the trip to snow mountains, these brings snowboard (yokonori) culture to everyday life and expresses style in various places is also the brand concept.

YUKI NEMAKIは、まだスノーボード専用ウェアーが存在しなかった時代に誕生した。1989年 カナダ人のKelly Rossの手で生まれ日本で育ち世界へ浸透したブランド。当時このウェアーを買い求める人が原宿の表参道に長蛇の列をつくる社会現象にもなり、その存在はいつの間にか伝説的なものとなった。初期のライダーは今なお一線で活躍するグリーンクロージングの田口勝朗や女子スノーボードHP絶対チャンピオンだった中村加奈子などが名を連ねた。そしてYUKI NEMAKIデビューから30年経った今、当時を知る者達の手で甦りを果たした。ただギアである以上、当然「あの頃」のままじゃない。裏原宿ブランドと数々のコラボレーションを展開したAFD ICEGEARの国内工場でYUKI NEMAKI を復刻。90年代当時の匂いを残しながら機能は現代スペック。ギアとしてのパフォーマンスを最新基準の素材にて製作。ライダー達が所蔵する当時物を入念にサンプリングし型を新規に起こし、シンプルで絶妙なシルエットをミリ単位で導き出しました。今着ても全く古さを感じない、むしろ新鮮に映るデザインこれこそが時代を飾った定番のポテンシャル。熱かった当時を知るスノーボーダーがこのユキネマキとともに目覚めてくれるはず..。ちなみにYUKI NEMAKI のネーミングは雪の上、フィールドでリラックスできる服という意味で「YUKI NEMAKI」のユルさも掴み取ることができる。スノーボード専門とこだわらず、ストリートでのジャケット代わり、自転車やバイクに最適なアノラック、雪山の行き帰りの防寒着としての役割など、スノーボード(ヨコノリ)文化を日常に持ち出し、様々な場所でスタイルを表現して楽しむ側面もYUKI NEMAKIのコンセプトです。